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This is just an FYI. NFL Season is a WEEK AWAY, and I'm going to be doing NFL picks against the spread again this year. BUT - since I've more or less abandoned LJ, I'm going to be doing them on Google Plus. I can restrict who sees it, so it works the same way, but without all the bullshit you get with Livejournal.

If you want to play and don't have a Google+ invite, I can set that up! But yay FOOTBALL.
[11:08] hardworkwithbob: http://thedailywh.at/2011/06/24/splash-mountain-reaction-shot-of-the-day/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+feedburner%2Foicv+%28The+Daily+What%2
[11:08] hardworkwithbob: that is one splash mountain picture
[11:08] Yoj at Work: that's awesome.
[11:09] Yoj at Work: maybe you don't put the fucker who's 275 in front, though. heh.
[11:09] hardworkwithbob: are you gonna tell the Rock he can't be in front?
[11:09] Yoj at Work: hahah.
[11:09] hardworkwithbob: he'll slap you down like Michael Cole
[11:09] Yoj at Work: hahah.
[11:10] Yoj at Work: i was just gonna hit you with the know my role line.
[11:10] hardworkwithbob: It fits the moment the best of all his lines
[11:12] Yoj at Work: kudos to the other dudes in the picture who don't even attempt to throw up the double bicep as well.
[11:12] Yoj at Work: so, did the rock just go to disneyland by himself?
[11:13] hardworkwithbob: I like to think he found out about the pictures and decided, "The Rock is going to make somebody's day"
[11:14] hardworkwithbob: I wonder if he went on multiple times to get it perfect
[11:14] Yoj at Work: 'the rock sits in the front, jabroni.'
[11:15] hardworkwithbob: "this is the people's log ride, and you're no rosa parks"
[11:15] Yoj at Work: hahah.
[11:16] hardworkwithbob: I think we've gone through most of his catchphrases now.
[11:16] hardworkwithbob: I never liked the "drink a big tall glass of shut the fuck up" or whatever it was.
[11:17] hardworkwithbob: "Do you think I should shit in the back of the log ride?" "Well, it wo-" "IT DOESNT MATTER WHERE YOU THINK THE ROCK SHOULD SIT IN THE LOG RIDE"
[11:17] hardworkwithbob: they're too funny
[11:17] hardworkwithbob: you know I would watch a The Rock reality show
[11:17] hardworkwithbob: Where he plays The Rock
[11:17] Yoj at Work: it would be great if he talked to his kids like that.
[11:17] hardworkwithbob: Not Dwayne Johnson
[11:18] hardworkwithbob: and just treats everybody like shit
[11:18] Yoj at Work: 'i'm gonna take this toy car, shine it up reeeeealll nice..'
[11:18] hardworkwithbob: YES, JABRONI, I WANT POPCORN FOR THE MOVIE.
[11:18] Yoj at Work: haha.
[11:18] Yoj at Work: man, what a great character he was. haha. i don't know that i've truly appreciated it until right now.
[11:19] Yoj at Work: but i've never really reminisced about him, either.
[11:19] Yoj at Work: so that's kind of one step forward, two steps back.
[11:20] hardworkwithbob: There could even be moments in the reality show where he faces something he can't talk his way out of, like a speeding ticket or something, and the cop is like, "you know you can't actually rock bottom me, right? if you say anything else, I'll write you another ticket."
[11:20] hardworkwithbob: "The Rock....The Rock....understands he was going too fast."
[11:20] Yoj at Work: THE ROCK: DEFEATED.
[11:21] hardworkwithbob: And then as soon as the cop leaves: "THAT JABRONI IS LUCKY THE ROCK DIDN'T GIVE HIM THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW."
[11:22] hardworkwithbob: "Its a sad state of affairs when the police feel like throwing their power around while a no-nonsense, average guy like the Rock is just trying to drive to a restaurant."
[11:22] hardworkwithbob: hahaha
[11:23] Yoj at Work: hahaha.


I was going to write a lengthy personal piece about video game reviews. Specifically, it was going to focus on how in retrospect, I now realize that the PC Gamer review of Dragon Age 2 finally, permanently destroyed whatever the naive facade was that let me read a video game review without factoring in the corporate/political motivations and realistic manner of operation of the magazine/website behind the review. It's such a thin line to walk, balancing the journalistic integrity of your way of life versus being able to maintain the insider access that allows you to succeed at that profession.

Then it sort of blossomed into something bigger, larger, with suggestions on ways to revamp the video game review, maybe a way to build a website or a magazine in a method that allows it to stay commercially viable without violating the trust that OUGHT to exist between that periodical/site and it's audience.

In the midst of blossoming, it grew too big in scope and fell apart. It certainly doesn't help that I don't write as much as I used to, and it's further hampered by the fact that I was working to some degree with generalizations.

Maybe I'll finish it up tomorrow or the next day.
Computer is shipped back to ecollegepc, it's their problem to find the fix for now, and then I will have it back. Portal 2 can wait. Sadly. So sadly.

Mar. 30th, 2011

Just created @juggalotweetz on twitter, a nice sister account to @rappertweetz. THAT'S ALL, LIVEJOURNAL. SHUT UP.

Various points.

Don't have a lot of time, so let's make this short and sweet.

1. Got briefly transferred to a different department at work. It means I'll be a lot busier, and therefore (obviously) will have less time for being chatty and twitter and reader. Overall, probably a good thing. It's boring, monotonous work, but if I do it well, it will reflect nicely on me, and I can listen to music while I do it, so rock on, I guess.

2. I'm considering not doing the 10th season of my fantasy baseball league. My heart just isn't in it this year, and as someone who kind of abhorred people who only paid half-attention or gave up or anything like that, it doesn't feel right for me to start it. I'll send an e-mail to the crew and see what they think.

3. I don't really like livejournal anymore. I never thought I'd say that after how much I've put into it since senior year of college, but there you go. And it isn't to say that I dislike the idea, but I've more or less grown disenchanted with the idea of a regular diary. I suppose that's even more clear based on the fact that I hardly ever use the damn thing unless it's football season or I have news, or am depressed, or something along those lines. And the whole "WATCH THIS ADVERTISEMENT" bullshit doesn't help. Fuck you, LJ. I absolutely can't quit it at this point, because too much of my life is invested in this, and many of my friends still post, but I think it's probably pretty valid to just say that I don't use it that much anymore. It's sad, I suppose. Or maybe inevitable.

4. My goal for the year was to lose 40 pounds. I started out great, capitalizing on a horrible bug/flu that helped me lose like eight pounds in two weeks. And then things spiraled out of control, and I was more or less in food hedonism for three weeks, eating anything and everything, even if I wasn't hungry, and I gained it all back, plus a pound. I finally grew a pair and stopped that as of Sunday, and have righted the ground, but I'm upset that I let my willpower wane for THREE WEEKS and ruined all the good work I put into those first two weeks. The bright side is that the weather is currently clearing up a bit, which lets me do my walk. Gotta keep it up, though. WILLPOWER.

5. Probably going to visit Chicago at some point this year. Not sure when. Maybe in May or June, but possibly as late as September or August. We'll see. Chicago folks be ready at a MOMENTS NOTICE.

6. Despite my semi-regular bitching and occasional bouts of perfectly normal (though still debilitating) depression, I am doing okay. Good for me.


Steelers (+2) Packers

Bob Sr.: 2-0
Ben: 2-0
Wes: 2-0
Tam: 2-0
Kento: 2-0
Maggie: 1-1
Yoj: 1-1
KeL: 1-1
Ryan: 0-2
Bob: 0-2
Joe: 0-2
Jonathan 0-2

Ben: 7-3
Bob Sr.: 7-3
Wes: 7-3
Maggie: 6-4
Yoj: 5-5
Jonathan 5-5
Tam: 5-5
Joe: 4-6
Kentor: 4-6
Bob: 3-7
Kel: 3-7
Ryan: 2-8

Maggie wants the Steelers, because it turns out Pittsburgh is right under 100 miles farther away than Green Bay, and therefore in her opinion, is the actual road team.

I am picking the Steelers. This isn't a bias pick like I did last round. I like both these teams, I hope it's a good game, and I will be okay and happy for either team winning. I might be rooting for the Packers a little bit more than the Steelers, but I'm more than okay with either team coming out on top. But I think the Steelers will win this game. I think it'll be close, and I think the game will be lie 27-24 or 24-21.



Packers (-3.5) BEARS
Jets (+3.5) STEELERS

Maggie: 2-2
Bob Sr.: 2-2
Wes: 2-2
Jonathan 2-2
Ben: 1-3
KeL: 1-3
Ryan: 1-3
Tam: 1-3
Bob: 1-3
Joe: 1-3
Kento: 1-3
Yoj: 1-3

Ben: 5-3
Yoj: 4-4
Bob Sr.: 5-3
Joe: 4-4
Maggie: 5-3
Wes: 5-3
Jonathan 5-3
Tam: 3-5
Bob: 3-5
Kentor: 2-6
Ryan: 2-6
Kel: 2-6

I predicted last week right to some degree. I knew I'd go 1-3, and so I did. I got the game I would predict correct wrong, but the intent is still there. The truth is that I am awful at playoff picks. Terrible. BUT, here is the order of who I want to see most play in the Super Bowl.

1. Packers/Steelers. Two of the best fanbases in the NFL. Two storied franchises.
2. Packers/Jets. The Ex-Favre Bowl. They've played once, but this game will be better.
3. Bears/Steelers. I just think the Bears aren't as good as the Packers, and I don't want to see Cutler in the Super Bowl.
4. Bears/Jets. Same with Mark Sanchez, really. I love Rex Ryan, but the rest of the Jets really annoy me.

So I will pick the Bears and Jets to win and cover for these two games. That way, if the matchup I least want to happen wins, I at least go 2-0 with my picks. If Packers/Steelers happen, I'm still stoked. But the truth is that I think we're going to get either Packers/Jets or Bears/Steelers. I'm going 1-1 this week, but for the life of me, I can't tell you which team will cover and which team won't. If I try and pick and choose, I'll just fuck it up and go 0-2.

Bob wants Bears/Jets
Maggie wants Packers/Jets
Ryan wants Bears/Jets
Ravens (+3) STEELERS
Packers (+2.5) FALCONS

Jets (+8.5) PATRIOTS
Seahawks (+10) BEARS

Ben: 4-0
Yoj: 3-1
Bob Sr.: 3-1
Joe: 3-1
Maggie: 3-1
Wes: 3-1
Jonathan 3-1
Tam: 2-2
Bob: 2-2
Kentor: 1-3
Ryan: 1-3
Kel: 1-3

YOJ: 137-113-6
TAM: 135-115-6
KENTO: 134-116-6
BOB: 133-117-6
BEN: 132-118-6
RYAN: 131-119-6
KEL: 131-119-6
JOE: 130-120-6
MAGGIE: 127-123-6
BOB SR.: 122-128-6
WES: 122-128-6
JONATHAN 86-105-4
DANIMO: Quit in last place.
HOME/ROAD 123-129-6

Maggie wants: Ravens, Packers, Jets, Seahawks

I'm going to preface my picks by saying that I'm going 1-3 this week. It's happening. Just FYI. I'm going to be right on the Patriots (I think) and wrong on the other three games.

Flimsy reasoning:
1. Ravens. There's no way to really justify a pick either way. The teams are really even, and it could go 10 points either way. The Ravens SHOULD have won both games during the year, and I think they pull this one out. I'm ROOTING for the Steelers, so I hope I'm wrong. Ravens 17-14.
2. FALCONS. Atlanta is at home. That's why they wanted home field advantage. Falcons 24-20.
3. PATRIOTS. Patriots, 31-21.
4. BEARS. Because, fuck the Seahawks. They're going to cover, but I'm picking the Bears anyway. Chicago 34-13.
Saints (-10.5) SEAHAWKS
Jets (+2.5) COLTS

Ravens (-3) CHIEFS
Packers (+2.5) EAGLES

Kento: 12-4
Yoj: 12-4
Kel: 11-5
Ryan: 11-5
Bob: 9-7
Joe: 9-7
Ben: 9-7
Maggie: 7-9
Bob Sr.: 6-10
Tam: 6-10
Wes: 6-10

"I'm the Best." YOJ: 137-113-6
"I let him win so we could stay married." TAM: 135-115-6
"If not for that one awful week I would have dominated you haoles" KENTO: 134-116-6
"This is as far as luck can take you." BOB: 133-117-6
"Football Films taught me how to do this." BEN: 132-118-6
"We have football in Canada, it's called hockey" RYAN: 131-119-6
"I would have won the NFC West with this record." KEL: 131-119-6
"Over .500, just like the Volu..Tita..Nashville Predators." JOE: 130-120-6
"All of you should be ashamed" MAGGIE: 127-123-6
"My son must have gotten all the dominant genes" BOB SR.: 122-128-6
"Jack Del Rio made my picks the final three weeks" WES: 122-128-6
"Late starter, late finisher" JONATHAN 86-105-4
"Just call me Wade Phillips" DANIMO: Quit in last place.
HOME/ROAD 123-129-6

Maggie wants: Saints, Jets, Ravens, Packers
Bob wants: Saints, COLTS, Ravens, Packers

Congratulations go out to YOJ who managed to pick up a ton of games in the final week and defeat his wife. The planned emasculation ceremony is therefore delayed one year. Mark your calendars. Everybody did well for the most part! I'm SO PROUD.


1. Saints. I want to pick the Seahawks to cover, but in good conscience, can't. Please don't win, Seattle. It's embarrassing all of us that you're where you are right now. 34-10.
2. COLTS. Hmmm. Difficult. All logic says to go with the Jets here, but it's Peyton fucking Manning. The Colts managed to screw me over almost every week for the last three weeks of the year. They would win, but just barely. Well, the line is small now. It's time to put up. 27-24.
3. Ravens. I'd like the Ravens anyway, but the whole Charlie Weis O-coordinator combined with the stinkbomb the Chiefs dropped in week 17 made this one easy. 24-13.
4. Packers. There's no telling in this one. I'm picking the Packers because I get a few points, and because I don't think Vick is 100%.